June 27

Nabak kimchi (Summer water kimchi with watercress)

This is one of the water based kimchi which is so easy to make. You don’t need to brine vegetables too long as you are going to season as you add some water into it. One of typical ingredients for this recipe in Korea is a kind of herbal vegetable called ‘minari’. I’ve never seen […]

June 20

Watermelon kimchi

  One of my favourite things to do in Summer is eating watermelon. On a hot sunny day, eating cool watermelon is so right according to my instinct! 🙂 So in summer, when you eat lots of watermelon, you will leave lots of watermelon skin, too which we normally throw it away either to a […]

June 13

Sun dried mooli kimchi (Mu-malengee muchim)

Mooli is a very versatile vegetable indeed. We eat mooli in many different ways and in many different recipes in Korea. You can eat mooli raw or cook. It can be a very good ingredient for making vegetable stock. It is one of main ingredients to make kimchi, too. Also there are so many different […]

June 06

Asparagus kimchi

In general, eating raw vegetables are supposed to be good for your health. Less cook with heat, better for your health. In that context, have you eaten asparagus raw? Yes, I have now. In my new favourite version, asparagus kimchi! My usual favourite way of eating asparagus was just par boiling them and eat them […]

May 07

Purple broccoli kimchi

One of my hobbies these days is trying to make new kimchi which I’ve never eaten in my entire life. In theory, you can make almost any vegetable into kimchi! In early March this year, I bought a boxful of purple broccoli when they were in season. Even though I shared them with friends and […]

April 22

Mooli Pickle

In my back garden, I have abundant Korean mustard leaves. I think they like English mild winter climate so they are good at surviving throughout the winter in my garden. In my last post, I showed you how to make ‘pink’ dongchimi using Korean mustard leaves. I made this mooli pickle with Korean mustard leaves […]

March 27

How to make Soy sauce in a traditional Korean method

I finally made my soy sauce using a traditional Korean method  yesterday. My mum sent a fermented bean block from Korea and I was eager to make ‘homemade’ soy sauce for the first time. It’s so simple to make as long as you have the right ingredients, such as a well fermented soybean block called ‘Mejoo’ and […]

Pink Dongchimi Kimchi

I am delighted to present this kimchi to you. It’s pink mooli kimchi called, ‘Dongchimi’. I am aware that I had a post of ‘Dongchimi’ before but this is slightly different in colour, ‘pink’ water base in kimchi. This kimchi is made with Korean mustard leaves. While it has been fermented over 2 weeks, it […]

September 19

Korean radish kimchi

There are so many vegetables which you can make into kimchi all year round. I have grown these Korean radish on my allotment. I didn’t expect them to be grown this well though because it was my first time to grow this vegetable in English soil. It’s called ‘chong-gak-moo’ in Korean and it is a […]

Onion Kimchi

I have been waited for long time for me to make this kimchi: onion kimchi. It sounds funny, doesn’t it? I waited for my action to be done… Anyway I’ve finally made it! Last week before my daughter went back to school, we went to Monk’s house, Lewes, one of National Trust properties. It used […]