bean sprouting experiments

my first time ever to try Azuki bean sprouting in an old teapot

growing your own bean sprouts in a teapot
growing your own bean sprouts in a teapot

Have you ever tried to grow your own bean sprouting experiment? If you haven’t, I strongly recommend you to do it.

It’s dead easy!

All you need is an old tea pot and some dried beans such as soya beans, azuki beans, mungbeans etc…

Here, I have a shiny bright yellow teapot for my sprouting ‘farm’. I was lucky to find this in my local charity shop. I just paid £1 for it. A teapot works perfectly for sprouting. When you look after bean sprouts, you need to keep watering them so they do not become thirsty. Another key factor for bean sprouts is ‘no natural light’. Thus the teapot is the perfect facility for sprouting.  All you need to do is

  1. soak the beans in cold water over night
  2. put them in an empty teapot
  3. cover the teapot lid
  4. water them and pour the water out after a couple of minutes each time
  5. make sure water them at least 4 times a day

You can have them whenever you like and how much you like. That is a beauty of growing your own vegetables at home. I call bean sprouts vegetables, too!!

crunchy, crunchy sprouts
crunchy, crunchy sprouts

Tonight, I am having crunchy azuki bean sprouts for my salad. You don’t need to cook them at all. Just take as much as you wish to eat and just rinse them under clean water.

Then, they are ready to eat.

Yummy, crunchy!!