Have you ever seen or heard of a buckwheat pillow?

I have my beloved buckwheat pillow for more than 10 years and it is still in good condition!

These days here in Brighton, it has been quite sunny.

“sun bathed” buckwheat hull from my beloved pillow

Thus I have decided to give sun-sterilisation to my buckwheat pillow which is filled with buckwheat hulls.

They are supposed to have cool characteristic in nature so it could help us to have comfortable sleep.

Once I finish making a new pillow case for this, I will show you that!


  1. Hi, I went to borough market this Wednesday, to see you ,I was told that you had stopped doing the market. I hope this is the same person who sold kimchi their for a short time. I look forward to talking to you kay


    1. Hi Kay,
      I am afraid to say that it is true. I no longer trade at Borough Market from this week. It is due to my personal circumstances. However, I keep making my kimchi in Brighton!
      I apologies for your disappointment today and thank you for supporting my business! If you have any things to talk to me, please drop me a line.


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