This morning, I am having a cup of tea made of feverfew leave and tiny flowers.

I planted my feverfew plants last year and I have lovely flowers this year.

The reason I wanted to have this herb was to try to have it for my migraine.

I sometimes suffer from severe migraine…

It is said that feverfew leaves can be effective for preventing migraine which will be great for me!!!

(Warning! it is very bitter if you simply chew it. But I can bear it if it helps my migraine.)

But if you make it into tea, it will be very pleasant.

Lovely, mellow green colour in your tea cup makes you smile, too.

However, whether you might have migraine like me or not, it is very soothing tea for anyone. (except pregnant ladies)

Here is your morning feverfew tea.

Click for more information about feverfew from the migraine trust.

feverdew tea
                          feverdew tea
growing feverfew in my garden
growing feverfew in my garden


  1. Hello, thank you for your comment. Mine don’t always come with food I eat. But what you said is one of the triggers for certain people. I am going to test my feverfew leaf remedy for a while. I’l let you know how it might work for my migraine.


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