homemade tofu and vegan kimchi




One of the ways to enjoy kimchi is to have kimchi with freshly made warm tofu. These two combination works really well. It is often popular menu in a Korean pub selling Korean traditional alcohol called ‘make-gerl-lee'(fermented rice based alcohol).

These days I experiment to make my own version of organic tofu all by myself. And this tofu is made today in my kitchen. It is a little bit more corse than the one you might see in a shop but it is certainly sure to have more of original soy bean’s nutty flavour and taste.

I have been also experimenting vegan kimchi as well. Traditionally kimchi is well made with some fish sauces (Korean anchovy sauce, shrimp sauce etc…) which make kimchi is not suitable for vegan.  However, there are some recipes which do not use any of fish sauces in Korean traditional kimchi. So I have developed my recipe for VEGAN FRIENDLY KIMCHI using  Korean soy sauce to season instead of fish sauce.

I must say that my vegan kimchi was proved and enjoyed by one of my vegan friend as well as other non-vegan friends.