Winter water kimchi, DONG-CHEE-MEE동치미



This is one of the winter kimchi made with Korean mollie. a photo of Korean mollie

Korean moolies looks rounder and shorter than ones you might see in an Asian shop in the UK. We have a saying about mollies and here it is.

If you eat a winter moolie and don’t burp, it would be as good as eating ginseng.

It means winters moolies has many beneficial properties for our body. One of the famous benefits is that it is good for helping digestion. When you have a bloated stomach, try moolie. You will notice it is really helping.

This kimchi called ‘dong-chee-mee’ is mainly made of moolies. It is kimchi but does not contain chilli powder which is a kind of symbol for Korean kimchi. In fact, we have numbers of kimchi without hot, red chilli powder in Korea.

This kimchi is a good companion when you eat steamed sweet potato in one of the long, dark winter night.