Persimmon kimchi

imageDo you like persimmons? In Korea, persimmons are one of the autumn fruits and there are different stages and ways of eating them.

When it is quite hard, it is lovely to be enjoyed as just a kind of apple. I mean you can just cut them into small pieces and enjoy crispness of the fruit.

Another way to enjoy persimmons is to wait until they become really soft. All you need to do is just to buy a few hard persimmons and leave them on a tray in a kitchen until they become soft like almost jelly. In Korea, of course you don’t need to do this at home. You can buy soft jelly like persimmons in a fruit shop, ready to eat!

There is another way to eat persimmons. It is winter sun dried persimmons. When you hear a word ‘sun dried’, you might normally imagine strong glowing sun shine only. However, Korean winter sun dried persimmons are a bit different. They are dried over late autumn till winter under the traditional roof with wintery sunshine and cold wind. Good dried persimmons should have fine, white sugary dust on surfaces and taste a bit like dried apricots. But I must say that it is nothing like anything else! drying persimmons in a traditional way

A few days ago, I went a fruit&veg wholesaler to buy some ingredients for kimchi and found a box of persimmons. I just loved the colour of them and  bought a box for home. But when I came home, I realised that I bought too many of them at once. Yes, I know I sometimes I buy things with impulse. -.-

Then I just remembered that I saw somebody making kimchi with persimmons in a Korean TV programme. That was how my persimmon kimchi was created in my kitchen. It is a variation of a traditional mollie kimchi called ‘KAK-TU-GI’. You need to cut moolies and persimmons into cube shapes to make this kimchi.

Yum… when I tried this kimchi, I must say that I was very picky to choose a persimmon cube. They are sweet but very good company for moolie, too. One persimmon cube, one more persimmon cube and one moolie cube were just perfect combination.