How to make homemade tofu

homemade organic tofu



These days I make my own homemade tofu using my Korean style juicer which uses a heavy pressing screw instead of a blade. It helps my tofu making process a lot easier.


soaking organic soybeans over night-  at least 8 hours                                 Wash the soybeans before soaking in water.


left: before soaking , right: after soaking You have to wait until the beans become 2-3times bigger than dried ones.


Before grinding soaked soybeans into a juicer, drain all the water from a soaking bowl. Then add fresh water to grind the soybeans. You may need double the quantity of water to soybeans.


using a juicer: use right hand side of soybean water for making tofu If you don’t have a machine like this, do not worry! You just need to use blender and squeeze out soybean water.



Boil the soybean water in a big sauce pan. I start with a strong flame and reduce the heat to medium. You have to keep stirring the bottom of the pan otherwise it might be stuck at the bottom. You will see plenty of foams created on the top of the soybean water. Do not worry. They are good source of ‘saponin’.


When it reaches the boiling point, just turn the heat off. You need to add some sea salt extract. I use 1 tablespoon for about 4litre of boiling soybean water. This photo is a status of the soybean water after adding the sea salt extract.


It is ready to eat! This is called ‘soon-tofu’ meaning is a pure tofu. It is the stage before you press the tofu in a frame. It is very soft and nutty!


Pour tofu mixture into a frame and press it down with a heavy object. Wait for about 10-15minutes.


Here it is, ready to eat my homemade organic tofu!!