Kimchi without chilli powder

This is kimchi made without chilli powder. Its main ingredient is radish. When you think of eating radish, you may think of the red bit only. Many people were surprised to see me use whole lot of radish including green leaves when I showed how to make kimchi in my workshop. Yes, you can eat green bits of radish of course! They are a good source of vitamin, too. DSC05855.jpg

I have made radish water kimchi without chilli powder. However, you can see this kimchi in red, can’t you? It is a beautiful natural reddish colour from red radish naturally. Instead, you can see radish is rather pale now. It is made two days ago and it is ready to eat! It’s summer so kimchi is fermented quicker even it is kept in the fridge. When I had some of this kimchi for supper tonight, I couldn’t stop eating this kimchi. Of course you eat kimchi water, too! It’s cool and almost like sparkling water. It is said that good fermented kimchi has about ph 4.5 which is similar to some natural sparkling water. (The pH of Highland Spring sparkling water is between pH4 and 5 due to the addition of carbon dioxide to make it in natural sparkling water)  Especially, this radish water kimchi is so good for somebody who can’t eat chilli at all.