Pink Dongchimi Kimchi


I am delighted to present this kimchi to you. It’s pink mooli kimchi called, ‘Dongchimi’. I am aware that I had a post of ‘Dongchimi’ before but this is slightly different in colour, ‘pink’ water base in kimchi. This kimchi is made with Korean mustard leaves. While it has been fermented over 2 weeks, it has developed its pink water base from mustard leaves naturally. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this beautiful pink before! This was my lunch today to celebrate my first anniversary of my small business ‘Time For Kimchi’: a bowl of wholegrain sweet rice, steamed pork with fermented shrimp and garlic pieces, Korean fermented chilli sauce made by me, Korean fermented soybean sauce made by my mother, just right fermented cabbage kimchi, and my new favourite pink dongchimi.