How to make Soy sauce in a traditional Korean method

I finally made my soy sauce using a traditional Korean method  yesterday. My mum sent a fermented bean block from Korea and I was eager to make ‘homemade’ soy sauce for the first time. It’s so simple to make as long as you have the right ingredients, such as a well fermented soybean block called ‘Mejoo’ and good salt. I also used some good charcoal, dried chill and dried Korean dates to prevent bad bacteria from growing during the fermentation process of about 40-60 days. It involves two stages of fermenting actions to make good soy sauce in the traditional Korean way. First, you have to make a fermented soy bean block over winter, then you put the fermented block into salt water for around 40-60 days. It depends on weather. Before making the soy sauce, I read many recipes from Korea. However, I can only experiment within British weather conditions in my back garden. I think it will be quite exciting to see the results of my soy sauce in around two months’ time. Please wish me luck and wait for my Korean soy sauce to be born sound and safely in England.