Purple broccoli kimchi


One of my hobbies these days is trying to make new kimchi which I’ve never eaten in my entire life. In theory, you can make almost any vegetable into kimchi! In early March this year, I bought a boxful of purple broccoli when they were in season. Even though I shared them with friends and my family ate these purple ‘flowers’ everyday, they did not seem to go down much. So I decided to turn them into kimchi! That is my story of ‘purple broccoli kimchi’. I had some of this kimchi when they were just made but they were still quite hard. So I thought it would be a good idea to leave this kimchi in the fridge for longer.

Today I was tidying up my kimchi boxes in the fridge and just realised that I still have this kimchi. It was till crunch and taste was much matured. Unfortunately, the photo of the kimchi above is the last portion of this kimchi…