Ready To Eat Products list

Ready To Eat Food 
Instant Pumpkin Porridge 240g
Instant Redbean Porridge 240g
Curry Powder (mild) 100g
Cooked Rice 100% Brown Rice 130g
Instant Pollack Soup 17g*2 
Cooked Rice w/Black Rice210g
Cooked Rice210g
Beef Bone Stock 500ml
Black bean Paste 300g
Curry Powder (hot) 100g
Jjajang Powder 100g
Korean Chicken Stew Herb Material (Samgetang)70g
Instant Jjajang200g
Instant Curry (hot) 200g
Black Beans in Soy Sauce70g
Luncheon Meat 340g
Tuna Chunk  in Spicy Sauce 112g
Bellflower Root in Spicy Sauce 90g
Sesame Leaves in Soy Sauce 70g