I make my own artisan, premium Kimchi in Brighton, England. My brand new name for my Kimchi is ‘Time for Kimchi’. 

It has got two meanings. First of all, you might take it literally. I would like to  say to everybody, “It’s time for Kimchi”. Kimchi is made from mainly vegetable ingredients using very old traditional wisdom and methods. Its main characteristic, I would say, is ‘fermentation’. Through this process, Kimchi produces good bacteria which are good for our body. It works just like yogurt, simply speaking. However, Kimchi has got many more beneficial properties such as vitamin C, lots of minerals depending on ingredients in various Kimchi. Therefore, let’s eat more Kimchi for our healthy life!! 

My second meaning for ‘Time for Kimchi’ is like that. In Korea, when you are taken a photo, you say, ‘Kimchi’ rather than ‘cheese’. It is when you say ‘Kimchi, your face becomes a smily one as we all want a nice smiley face on our photo. Even though, I must say, nowadays this fashion has gone away in Korea, I would like to remind you of that history of ‘smiley face’.  So remember when you say, ‘Time for Kimchi’ your face will be smiling! 

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  1. Thanks for the follow and introducing yourself to me through your lovely blog. I love kimchi and as my garden vegetables start appearing, I will certainly be referring to your recipes to help me make the most of them.


    1. Hi, yes you can buy my kimchi at several places in Brighton and Hove: Infinity food, hiSbe, seed’n’sprout, kernel of Hove, gratitude of tree, and finally my newly opened shop in Brighton, “Time For Kimchi”
      Thank you.


  2. A couple of days ago, walking down Church St on my way to the Royal Pavilion, I was impressed by your new Korean deli so bought a jar of kimchi on impulse. It’s absolutey delicious. I’ll now be eating steamed rice, veg, tofu with your kimchi almost daily! Will try more of your delicacies. Do hope your new shop will do well.


    1. Hi Sylvia,
      Thank you for contacting me.
      Yes, I am going to have kimchi workshop soon. (10th Feb, Sun 14:00-16:00)
      If you are interested in taking part in it, please let me know.
      Many thanks!

      Kind regards,



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