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March 27

How to make Soy sauce in a traditional Korean method

I finally made my soy sauce using a traditional Korean method  yesterday. My mum sent a fermented bean block from Korea and I was eager to make ‘homemade’ soy sauce for the first time. It’s so simple to make as long as you have the right ingredients, such as a well fermented soybean block called ‘Mejoo’ and […]

September 04

Korean fermented chilli sauce, ‘Gochoojang’

I think that we have three main sauces in Korean culinary history: soy sauce(Ghanjang), soy bean paste sauce(Deonjang) and chilli sauce(Gochoojang). They are all made through fermentation. One of the things on my ‘to-do’ list before I die is that I make these three sauces all by myself. Now at least I have made one […]

December 08

How to make homemade tofu

    These days I make my own homemade tofu using my Korean style juicer which uses a heavy pressing screw instead of a blade. It helps my tofu making process a lot easier.       Before grinding soaked soybeans into a juicer, drain all the water from a soaking bowl. Then add fresh […]

October 05

Summer has gone

I was quite lazy in the last summer. I didn’t want to do much… I am just showing you a few photos of my summery memory and now starting to my autumn blog! Hope to see you soon.

Sun dried chillies

I am going to show you my sun dried chillies today. They have been dried on my garden table for a few days under the hot sun!! It is very common in Korea to dry chillies under the scorching sun in summer. I must say that you could make kimchi without red chillies. In fact, […]

Feverfew tea

This morning, I am having a cup of tea made of feverfew leave and tiny flowers. I planted my feverfew plants last year and I have lovely flowers this year. The reason I wanted to have this herb was to try to have it for my migraine. I sometimes suffer from severe migraine… It is […]

buckwheat pillow

Have you ever seen or heard of a buckwheat pillow? I have my beloved buckwheat pillow for more than 10 years and it is still in good condition! These days here in Brighton, it has been quite sunny. Thus I have decided to give sun-sterilisation to my buckwheat pillow which is filled with buckwheat hulls. […]

June 09

bean sprouting experiments

my first time ever to try Azuki bean sprouting in an old teapot Have you ever tried to grow your own bean sprouting experiment? If you haven’t, I strongly recommend you to do it. It’s dead easy! All you need is an old tea pot and some dried beans such as soya beans, azuki beans, […]

Power of plants

Just picked this morning

Can you guess how many different types of greens in this bamboo tray? These are picked from my back garden this morning. I am going to make them into a quick salad like a cheat version of kimchi called ‘겉저리 got-geri’. There are 8 different types of greens all together. They are perpetual spinich, beet […]