September 04

Korean fermented chilli sauce, ‘Gochoojang’

I think that we have three main sauces in Korean culinary history: soy sauce(Ghanjang), soy bean paste sauce(Deonjang) and chilli sauce(Gochoojang). They are all made through fermentation. One of the things on my ‘to-do’ list before I die is that I make these three sauces all by myself. Now at least I have made one […]

6 months old kimchi

This is a bowl of 6 months old kimchi kept in an air tight container in my utility room. I made this lot of kimchi early Feb this year and left the kimchi in the air tight container outside the fridge. I wanted to experiment with how long my kimchi could survive(?) in  room temperature […]

May 25

Kimchi without chilli powder

This is kimchi made without chilli powder. Its main ingredient is radish. When you think of eating radish, you may think of the red bit only. Many people were surprised to see me use whole lot of radish including green leaves when I showed how to make kimchi in my workshop. Yes, you can eat […]

May 16

healthy choice commitment by B&H council

I am glad to say that Time For Kimchi, my small business, has been issued ‘healthy choice commitment’ by Brighton and Hove City Council in May 2016. My kimchi is free from SUGAR, GLUTEN and SUITABLE FOR VEGAN. As you might know that kimchi has full of probiotic goodness if you eat it within 3-4weeks […]

March 19

Cherry tomato kimchi

It’s good be back to my blog. I’ve got to work a bit harder for updating articles here! Here I have a new kimchi which was made recently. I had a box of cherry tomatoes from a wholesale market and enjoyed eating them as they were. And then suddenly I had an idea of making […]

December 08

How to make homemade tofu

    These days I make my own homemade tofu using my Korean style juicer which uses a heavy pressing screw instead of a blade. It helps my tofu making process a lot easier.       Before grinding soaked soybeans into a juicer, drain all the water from a soaking bowl. Then add fresh […]

December 07

Persimmon kimchi

Do you like persimmons? In Korea, persimmons are one of the autumn fruits and there are different stages and ways of eating them. When it is quite hard, it is lovely to be enjoyed as just a kind of apple. I mean you can just cut them into small pieces and enjoy crispness of the […]

November 26

Winter water kimchi, DONG-CHEE-MEE동치미

  This is one of the winter kimchi made with Korean mollie. a photo of Korean mollie Korean moolies looks rounder and shorter than ones you might see in an Asian shop in the UK. We have a saying about mollies and here it is. If you eat a winter moolie and don’t burp, it would […]

November 23

homemade tofu and vegan kimchi

    One of the ways to enjoy kimchi is to have kimchi with freshly made warm tofu. These two combination works really well. It is often popular menu in a Korean pub selling Korean traditional alcohol called ‘make-gerl-lee'(fermented rice based alcohol). These days I experiment to make my own version of organic tofu all […]

One of the ways to eat vegetables in Korean style

In Korea, we eat lots of different types of vegetables. They are not only farmed vegetables but also foraged in a wild environment such as mountains or country sides. Thus many different ways of eating vegetables have been evolved in Korea. One of the ways to eat vegetables in Korea is ‘blanching them and drying […]