Wild sesame kimchi

Have you ever seen wild sesame plant?

more information about wild sesame –> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perilla


It is called  ‘wild sesame’ in Korean but actually it is not a wildly grown plant.

It is widely cultivated in Korea and it is a very popular herb used in many different ways.

I say it is a kind of Korean herb but in fact it is used like a vegetable in Korea.

In English it is sometimes called ‘Korean mint’ or ‘perillar leaves’.

Its leaf has very strong and very unique fragrant.

Their seeds are made into lovely nutty oil, which is cold pressed oil.

If you have a chance to taste this wild sesame oil, you would agree that it is superior to ordinary sesame oil.

At least in my opinion!!

cold pressed wild sesame oil
cold pressed wild sesame oil

This summer I am growing them in my back garden, too.

Whenever I smell these plants, the fragrant of the leaves take me to Korea…

And this morning, I felt quite energetic so I tried to make one of my favourite food, ‘wild sesame kimchi’ which I never tried to make before.

It is a very quick kimchi.

I made it this morning and I had some for my supper with some brown rice soup. Yum!

Here is a short clip of how to make wild sesame kimchi.

Please click my Facebook link to watch a video clip. (I could not work out how to upload the video clip directly here yet. Sorry!)

how to make wild sesame kimchi