Korean radish kimchi

There are so many vegetables which you can make into kimchi all year round. I have grown these Korean radish on my allotment. I didn’t expect them to be grown this well though because it was my first time to grow this vegetable in English soil. It’s called ‘chong-gak-moo’ in Korean and it is a kind of radish family.

This is just for my personal consumption so I made flour paste instead of sweet rice paste which I normally use for my kimchi for shops in Brighton and Hove. I make my kimchi for shops in a vegan friendly way without using Korean fish sauce, gluten free with sweet rice paste instead of flour etc… However, it is nice to make summer kimchi with flour paste. It actually makes sense because wheat is also a summer crop and goes well with other summer vegetables.

I also added some Korean chilli seeds in this kimchi. It is just one of my experiment. If you use chilli seeds in kimchi, they release chilli aroma and some of top note of chilliness into kimchi slowly. I’ll see how this kimchi will be fermented this time…