Sun dried mooli kimchi (Mu-malengee muchim)

Mooli is a very versatile vegetable indeed. We eat mooli in many different ways and in many different recipes in Korea. You can eat mooli raw or cook. It can be a very good ingredient for making vegetable stock. It is one of main ingredients to make kimchi, too. Also there are so many different types of mooli kimchi. In English, it is called ‘mooli’, or ‘daikon'(Japanese word). The word in English, ‘mooli’ originally comes from ‘Hindi mūlī, from Sanskrit mūla ‘root’. origin of the word ‘mooli’ In Korean, we call it ‘mu’ or ‘muwoo’. I find it quite interesting. There are a few similarities between Hindi and Korean.

  1. Korean word for mooli : mu
  2. English word: mooli
  3. Hindi (Origin of English word for mooli): muli

Anyway, back to kimchi business!

When I saw good strong sunshine, I did not want to waste it. So I decided to dry some vegetables such as mooli. When you dry vegetable in sun, you might add some vitamin D into the vegetable. It also changes texture as water evaporates from it. It becomes quite chewy in a good way.

So I had some sun dried mooli made by British sunshine and made them into quick kimchi. In fact, we don’t call it kimchi in Korea. We call it rather salad than kimchi as it is not involved with fermentation. As soon as you make it, you can eat it straight away.