One of my favourite things to do in Summer is eating watermelon. On a hot sunny day, eating cool watermelon is so right according to my instinct! 🙂 So in summer, when you eat lots of watermelon, you will leave lots of watermelon skin, too which we normally throw it away either to a compost bin or to  just an ordinary bin. I did the same until I made this watermelon kimchi.

My mum sometimes makes watermelon skin pickle which is my favourite banchan in summer, too. Last week, when I had lots of watermelon skin left, I thought that I could turn them into kimchi. When you peel the green outer layer of the watermelon, you can eat the whitish skin bit. It tastes like cucumber I suppose. I peeled it, chopped it and made it into kimchi by adding some actual watermelon juice into kimchi seasoning. I do not think I can keep this kimchi for long time as other Summer kimchi are not meant to be kept that long anyway. Quick to make it but proper Summery kimchi it is!

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